World Book Day

I know. What with one thing and another, we didn’t do much with WBD19. Sorry. But the good news is that after next week’s Bookeroo! and Brian book club meetings (Monday and Wednesday), we’ll be kicking off our Carnegie Shadowing Thing with weekly meetings and exciting visitors; then we’ll be having a half-price Scholastic Book Fair (EVERYTHING half price!), and then, just before Easter, we’ll be having a proper old Book Rave to mark Hope Valley Book Day (HVBD19).

And if you can’t wait for Monday, come to the library today and choose yourself one of our amazing new non-fiction books which are exploding off the production line and screaming to be read …

So don’t say we never do anything in this library. There should be enough there to get everyone talking about books, don’t you think?


Where do we go from here?

We’re limbering up for Careers Week in school next week, and there will be lots of information and resources in the library to help you if you’re not sure where you’re heading in life, or if you are. Come in and have a look at some of the suggestions and advice to help you plan ahead for your next big adventure.

Be My Valentine

It’s all about love in the library today, with post boxes, stacks of far-from-trashy love stories, lots of interesting facts about Valentines, love message boards, Love Hearts on sale and prizes for our resident experts on all things lovely. Our Language of Luuurve quiz was won by Hadrian tutor, who are probably now queasily regretting having stuffed down so many jelly hearts before the start of lessons, and a special certificate has gone to a local business, whose staff had a good crack at identifying the 20 international ways to say “je t’aime”.

The birds are singing and the sap is rising. Spring’s not far off.