Mental Health

There are currently things going on around school to mark World Mental Health Day 2018, and there are lots of helpful books and leaflets in the library for anyone who finds life hard or just wants somewhere quiet to go. Come and see what we’ve got, and leave a message in the box to show others they are not alone.



Open Evening

It was grand to see so many families at last night’s Open Evening, and though I say so myself, the library DID look exceptionally glamorous for the occasion. We had displays about HVC PTFA and the great refurb project, Bookeroo! (of course), Bookbuzz (which we’re just launching with the Year 7s) and the lovely Barrington Stoke series of dyslexia-friendly (‘purple spot’) books. Lots to look at and talk about, and lots of interested people to talk about it with. And amazing things to eat in the food room and canteen, as well as the world’s most spectacular cakes courtesy of the PTFA. (Where would we be without them?)

If you weren’t there but wish you were, get in touch (01433 620555) and arrange to come and see the place on an ordinary day. We can’t promise more cakes but we think you’ll be impressed.

And we’re off!

The all-new library is now open for business, and just look how smart it is! Last night we had a bit of a do, with delicious nibbles and a glass or two of wine and lots of friends to see the new library well and truly launched. The Magnificent Ladies of the PTFA led the assembled crowd to the library and formally unlocked the door, before symbolically handing over the key to the librarian.

Lots of thank-yous are needed – particularly to the lovely PTFA who funded the whole project, but also to Richard Cowell who oversaw (and did much of) the work, to Roy who put in a lot of time and effort on the decorating and cleaning up, to the ladies in the kitchen who stayed late to feed us and to Y10 Ben, whose prize-winning ideas influenced and inspired the final design. And to the library design people at Demco, for their guidance throughout the project. It was good to re-meet Jonathan, who came to the early design meetings, and show him how it all turned out. And thanks to Sue, who stepped in to do the finishing touches and take photos on the night.

So now the library is all yours. We have an excellent range of teenage fiction, plenty of quality non-fiction and reference books (including a good stock of local studies information) and a good selection of reads for adults, as well as computers with internet access for anyone who needs them. We are open for school use and also to members of the community every day during school time, and until 5 on Mondays and Wednesdays, so if you want to come and see it for yourself, please do. If you’re coming in as a community user it’s a good idea to phone and check first because the library is often in use for lessons.