Pig Heart Boy

Lots of enthusiasm tonight, and a new Martha, bringing the total to two, for Malorie Blackman’s Pig Heart Boy. So many themes to talk about, from friendship and betrayal to prejudice to decision-making and morality. We discussed swimming, family divisions, messages to an unborn sibling, whether it was right to kill an animal to save a human life, and the prognosis for Cameron at the end of the book. We came up with some good words – foreshadowing and oxymoron were two – and we ate a lot of biscuits. And we made quite a lot of noise. All in all a good meeting, and a score of 8/10 for another belting good book.


So the next meeting will be on Monday 17 December when we will chew over more biscuits (or possibly something more seasonal) and Amy Wilson’s Snowglobe, a copy of which we scooped up from our Book Fair. It looks suitably wintry for a December meeting, and the blurb gave us all a frisson of excitement. Fingers crossed we don’t get snowed off on the night.

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Look what we’ve got …

It was sad to see the Book Fair trolleys trundling back down the corridor today, but we’ve had a brilliant week and we’re all just about spent up. The best news is that we sold so many books, posters, pens and notebooks that those lovely people at Scholastic have given us £350 worth of brand new books for the library, absolutely free! We’ve already started scooping them up by helping ourselves to a selection off the shelves before the Fair went home. So next week I’ll be busy cataloguing  so you can take one home for a good read. That should keep you quiet for a bit!

Book Fair

Our latest Scholastic Book Fair has arrived today. Wow – what a mouthwatering selection of delicious new books in those three trolleys! At our preview this lunchtime lots of books have been reserved, ready for collection on Monday.

The Fair is open each lunchtime next week from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th, with a special bonus evening session on Wednesday for parents and siblings to come in and have a look. Please do! We will be open until 6.30pm, so pop in, have a browse and a chat and start your Christmas shopping. All books sold at the fair earn us commission in free books for the library, so everybody wins.

And if you haven’t yet seen the new library, now’s your chance!


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